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This is the lovely piano used for lessons!

Mrs. Brenner offers Suzuki and traditional piano lessons from her home studio in Powell. All students have lessons on a 6'6" Kawai grand piano! She has been teaching since 1992.

This student is using an advanced iPad app to play the piano melody with a full orchestral accompaniment!

Mrs. Brenner believes that every child can learn. This is why she works with learners of all types with varying levels of natural ability. She utilizes the Suzuki method along with a sensitivity that children must learn to read music from an early stage and have plenty of variety to remain motivated and interested. Lessons are positive, and students leave encouraged. She has found a way to strike a balance between fun and high quality -- lessons are fun, but the instruction is still of high quality so that every child is learning all that he or she can. As the picture demonstrates, technology is also utilized in the lessons so that piano is relative, modern and fun for young students!

Mrs. Brenner with a few of her students at a small group class!
Mrs. Brenner with a few of her students at a small group class!

In addition, Mrs. Brenner handles every student differently. No two are alike, and so a concept will be taught to one child in one way and then to another in another way. This is important because it means that the lessons are tailored to the student. With patience and a calm persistence, Mrs. Brenner is able to work productively with students who enjoy their lessons and love music for a lifetime.

About Mrs. Brenner

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music-b-for-brenner-studioSara Marie Brenner has been teaching since 1992. She began teaching private piano lessons in her parents' living room on the grand piano she now has in her home today. As a talented child musician, her parents gave up their home for 30-40 hours each week as Mrs. Brenner grew her studio to 60-70 weekly students during her high school years. Following high school, Mrs. Brenner launched, grew, operated and later sold a music lessons company that employed dozens of teachers. She taught lessons herself, trained teachers, wrote curriculum, and also tutored academic subjects. After selling the company in 2012, Mrs. Brenner began a home music and academics studio. Now, she is completing a post-masters degree as an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Curriculum & Instruction, secondary education, with a music endorsement at Liberty University. After truly missing teaching and feeling called to resume working with students, she has re-opened her music and academics studio, and is building her clientele once again. Teaching has been Mrs. Brenner's life's work, and what she loves to do. Mrs. Brenner has earned Kodaly 1 certification at the Capital University Conservatory of Music, and has trained in Suzuki piano with Mary Craig Powell through the Suzuki Association of the Americas. From ages 3-8, Mrs. Brenner began her piano studies in a strictly Suzuki-based piano studio. From ages 8-19, she studied with Professor JoAnn Hopper at Ohio Wesleyan University, then Dr. Gren at The Ohio State University. She has accompanied for countless soloists, choirs, musicals and stage productions, including in schools, churches and with professional orchestras.

Schedule a Meet & Greet!

Schedule a Meet & Greet with Mrs. Brenner! This is a wonderful opportunity to see whether this is a good fit. Simply register the student online (no obligation) to begin the process. Please also ask your student who may have already had lessons before to begin practicing a few pieces to play for Mrs. Brenner, and to bring all of his/her current piano books along to the Meet & Greet.